July 29, 2011

Office Ugly to Office Pow

We recently went through a massive cleaning in our department and lots of offices put their excess furniture up for grabs. I grabbed a chair that had good bones and style, but was just blah. This is the before:

 Nice style, well made, and in great shape. Other than the stained seat (I don't want to know where that stain came from) and the dust in the tufts, it is looking good.
Close-up of the dusty tufts. Ewww. Gross.

and the after... I went for a spunky chic look, very different from what it looked like before.
I am in love! I took the seat off and covered it in a really pretty black and white print (Walmart) and spray painted the chair Ocean Breeze Blue (love that color). I know absolutely nothing about reupholstering furnure, so the tufted part wasn't going to get changed.  I decided to just paint it! I used good old acrylic craft paint to which I had added some fabric medium. Recovering the seat was easy enough. I simply traced the seat onto my material and made a pattern from that. She's a cutie, right outside my office door, a little "waiting area" as it were.  :)