March 15, 2012

Miss K

For a long time, this precious girl was "Tater". Before we knew she was a she, and before she came into our world. But now she is my sweet baby K or Miss K. 10 weeks old now. How lucky am I to have the pleasure of having my grandchildren so close. I have so many friends whose grandchildren are in other states, too far away for frequent visits. I can't imagine not getting my "sugars" from these wonderful children.

Here is Miss K looking all adorable...

and "no" you couldn't be any cuter. A sweet, sweet baby who smiles at just about anybody, but of course, saves her biggest smiles for me. Well, not really, but I like to think so.
She has begun cooing and you can tell by looking at her eyes, that she thinks she is really saying something. Of course she is.. she's saying "I love you, Gigi."

I am having a particularly good time buying girl things for her. She is a girly girl already. She has a killer shoe wardrobe and a closet full and a half of sweet baby clothes. I decided that instead of buying little clips for her hair, I could make some. If you know me at all, you know that "some" is a relative term. When I start making something,  I end up making a billion of whatever it is.

First I must buy a bow clip, stare at it, and figure out how it is made. The ones for newborns are made with little gator clips and covered in ribbon. Like these (I found on Pinterest):

Next I must find the clips... Walmart = nope. Michael's = nope. I need LOTS of them, not a package of 6. Psssh, I laugh at 6. More research and I find out Sally's beauty supply is the place to go. A box of 100 $6.00  (yes, 100) . Score!

Ribbon? Do I already have ribbon? check.

To the craftroom... gather my supplies and go for it.

3/8 inch ribbon covers these clips perfectly. I discovered it only takes 7 1/4 inch of ribbon for each bow.

Yeah, I had all this stuff already. Except a few of the small ribbon bows I bought to use as embellishments.
It isn't difficult at all. You cover each clip with the 7 1/4 inch ribbon, from back to front, inside and out, with hot glue. Then cover with embellishments, also hot glued. So cute, I can't stand it.

Miss K will be accessorized for any occasion.

March 01, 2012

Strolling through Lowes

Ah, spring! A little early and only lasts for a short while, but it's here. Florida works like this... 30 minutes of spring (defined here by a day that you can actually open up the house because it is cool enough and not too muggy), 30 days of spring/summer, which means half of the days require A/C and the other half require heat. Some days require both: cold mornings, hot afternoons. More like Sprummer.

Then 10 months of sweltering, humid, hotter than holy hell Summer (yes a capitol S... it's that hot) followed by 30 minutes of Fall... once again we open our windows. And then 30 days of fall/winter.  Or Fwinter. Yep, more days that are half cold, half hot, with mixed A/C and heat.  Not complaining really, just telling it like it is.

On my way home from work today, I decided to stop in Lowe's and look at the flowers.  I've been seeing them from the street on my ride home and finally took a few minutes to go inside. Good decision.

Begonias, bougainvillea, hydrangea, lilies, roses, impatiens, all in their beautiful spring bloom.

If I only had a green thumb. As it turns out, I can kill just about anything I get my hands on. If it isn't me that kills it, it's one of the bazillion idiot squirrels we have in our neighborhood. I watched one bite off every single bloom of our gerbera daisy a few years ago.  The disturbing part was that it didn't eat the bloom, it just bit it off and moved on to the next flower until one by one, that stupid squirrel reduced my beautiful pot of daisies to a pot of leaves and stems.

I almost bought some flowers today. Almost. I had visions of planting the little seedlings and brightening up my kitchen view. Instead I bought a sweet bird bath. I'll post that after I assemble and set it up.

Here are some more flowers to enjoy...

 Tulip tree
 Impatiens and begonias
 white bougainvillea (gorgeous) look at that hint of pink on the petals!
and pink and fuschia bougainvillea. I'm jealous of all you gardeners out there who can maintain a beautiful yard. Happy Spring to you. I'll stick to admiring your gardens.