July 06, 2011

Bead Break!

Jan is here visiting and she is helping me take a break from sewing (phew!) by making some jewelry. We both have a huge stash of just about anything you can imagine in a craft room, including buttons and an endless supply of crystal beads. We both love, love bracelets so today we made two each. The first is a bead/button one in shades of lavender and vintage off-white.

Wowzers! How beautiful, I can't wait to wear it.

The second was a steampunk bracelet. Jan has tons of little trinkets including old game pieces that she drilled for wiring. Very cute too. Fun, fun, fun!

 We used old Monopoly pieces, vintage wooden Bingo markers, old metal bobbins, subway tokens, dice, pieces of an old wooden ruler cut into small sections (I chose a 5 and a 2 for the year I was born), an old metal pen nib, vintage buttons and beads. The large glass turquoise and white bead on the end is one I made in a class a couple of summers ago. That one keeps me humble. Although I admit, I do well on most crafts, making glass beads is not easy, takes a lot of skill and patience and practice. I gained a tremendous amount of respect for people who make them.

Fun day, Jan! I love you, thanks for the break. Tomorrow we shop.