June 22, 2011

U•G•L•Y You ain't got no alibi...

You UGLY! What, what... you ugly! You mama say you ugly.

Is this not the ugliest baby crib bumper you have ever seen?! It's a really sad shade of khaki brown with a yellowish-gold swirl all over it. Kind of a baby poop brown. Ewwww. It IS, however, very well made and in brand-new shape. So I bought it  for $6 (at a thrift store - score) and decided to make a slipcover for it. I found some really pretty black & white material and sewed away. I really, really hate sewing, but I put on my big girl panties and did it. I can sew, just don't like to.

Seriously. This is UGLY.

Here is the new Tater bumper pad...

It's lying on my guest room bed so there is a lot going on here - pattern wise. It was so simple to make. I just measured the circumference and length and made a tube with black grosgrain ribbon added every 26 inches, like the original. Then turned it right side out, inserted the original pad (not as painful as I thought it was going to be) and sewed up the ends. Done. I can't wait to see the whole crib finished. We don't have one yet, but I am looking for one that is already black or even white. I want to pair the pad with a black/white polka dot bed skirt, which I will be making. Dang, Tater, good thing I love you already.

I made another piece of art too. I found an 8 x 8 inch black frame at Walmart (less than $10, $8 I think). I cut a 2 inch mat and glued some black & white patterned material to the mat. Just used some ATG tape to secure it. I then added a sticker that says "I love you" to the glass. It is actually 2 pieces of glass sandwiched together with the sticker in the middle on the back piece. (I have a 2nd job working for an artist doing his matting and framing, a skill that has come in handy) No backing behind the picture - I wanted it to be clear and let the wall color show through the glass. I have it here on a shelf in my kitchen and you can see the back of the shelf through the glass, a taupey green color. So when it is hanging in Tater's room, it will have the baby yellow background showing through from the wall.