June 12, 2011

Furniture Redo numero uno

Oh, Little Tater, it's hot outside, but I am gladly redoing a piece of furniture for you today. I found this at the Junior League Thrift store (my fave) for $20. It's a nice piece of real wood furniture that started out a natural finish pine (not my fave). I have primed it so far and will be painting it black. I promised a before and after picture, but being true to my spontaneously compulsive self, I started priming it before I took a real before picture. Here is what it looks like right this minute, outside drying after primer...

 Don't judge my lawn. We're in the middle of another drought and my poor grass is in a state of shock. Rain, dammit. Well, not yet anyway. At least let my furniture dry then rain.

Look at the big feet on this thing! Loving it.

Yes, I left the knobs on while I primed, and then realized I want to change them out with some cute glass Hobby Lobby ones. So off they came. That's one on the right side of the table. Plain old knob... gone.

 I have high hopes for the outcome here. I love, love the big chunky feet on the bottom and the adjustable shelves. I plan to put some canvas baskets in the shelf areas for teeny tiny beebee clothes. Two nice sized drawers for extra diapers.

Making use of all the drying space I can find. Love you, Tater.