June 05, 2011

Before and After Tissue Box

Remember this?

A recent $1 thrift find. Nice oak tissue box. Initially I spray painted it black without sanding first. I've never had issues before doing that, but for some reason this time I did. The paint bubbled up and looked awful. The more I sprayed the yuckier it looked. dang!
So, I sanded it (like I should have done in the first place) then painted it green with acrylic paint to match my craft room accessories. Ewwwww! Horrible again. Good grief, this was turning into a throw-it-on-the-floor-and-stomp-it project. Yes, I've done that, I say with a little misplaced pride. I don't lose it often, but when I do, something is gonna get stomped on.

OK, one more try. I sanded and spray painted again and this time it worked fine. Geez!

I lined the box with heavy scrapbook paper in a teal-ish shade of green, and hammered some saw tooth picture hangers to the back. I didn't bother to cover up the tissue "hole" as it was not going to be seen.

I added some of our Ghoulies from our Etsy collection and a picture of Jesse, my sweet dog who I miss dearly, and hung it by my big collaged K and newly renovated lamp. Sweet!