May 08, 2011

Reality Overload

I can't believe I'm willing to admit this, but I have become a reality TV junkie. Oh, I'm not alone! Millions of people - good people like me - are hooked. I know every single Housewife from every single series. From "keepin' it real" NeNe of Atlanta to "table tossing" Teresa of New Jersey. I thought I saw Lauren (Caroline's daughter from NJ) at a restaurant in Asheville NC. I made my sister and my best friend a part of my plot to get her picture while we ate.  Seriously.
I know more about The Donald than I care to admit. I am totally hooked on the Mob Wives. (OMG).  I recognized (I swear) one of America's Top models in a recent ad, even though she was from several season's ago. "That's Bre!" I heard myself say. Geez... and don't even try to call me during Idol.
What is it about these shows that is so irresistible (to me, anyway)? It's the fact that they all make little old me feel so dang good about my little old self. Especially the Housewives series... good lord, I have never seen so many spoiled and obnoxious women who claim to "have" so much, and believe that they are "classy", act like such rude, and classless heathens. Yes, Gretchen, Alexis and Tamra, I am speaking about you. I roll my eyes in disgust yet I cannot turn the channel. It's that train wreck syndrome I suppose, or the reason we have "gapers blocks" on the highways when there is a car accident. People want to see blood and gore. Oh those clever TV executives. Laughing all the way to the bank. Also laughing all the way to the bank - all the players on these shows. So don't judge... I'm only human. And don't call me on Wednesday or Thursday evenings. I'm watching Idol. Go James!