May 29, 2011

baby Tater

That's the name I call my in-the-oven-grandchild. We don't know a gender yet, too soon. The big event will be in January next year, pretty dang closed to my birthday. Number 3 on the grandchild count. I am all atwitter (I know all the big words, like mayonnaise and Worcestershire) planning the new nursery. This is my inspiration color for a gender friendly room...

Two different rooms, same color scheme. I love, love yellow and black together. Today I painted that beautiful soft buttery yellow in the room.  Both inspiration rooms have chandelieres in them, but if tater is not a girl, I won't go there. For now, it will be gender neutral. If it is a girl, I'll go with the flow in that direction.

I am looking for thrifted furniture and have already found two pieces. One is a changing table and the other is a storage piece with shelves and 2 drawers and big, chunky feet. They will both be painted a high gloss black. I promise to post a before and after. I also found a fabulous bumper pad for the crib in an awful, awful brownish gold color (who would put that in a baby's room?) and bought some black & white material to make a "slipcover".  My sweet friend Margie will help me get the sewing done. I absolutely hate to sew. I can do it, I just hate it. Margie loves to sew. She's one of those people that can make something without a pattern, which I admire. I think my aversion to sewing is the math. Ugh! I don't like measurements and fractions and gettin' all "mathy". Yard to feet conversions = Yuck!

I'm working on subway art (above) and am thinking I might frame some black & white quilting square material (also above) into some yellow frames. Oh the possibilities, little Tater! I can't wait to meet you. I already love you. Your brothers want to name you "Batman". Or "Robin". hmmmmm, I sense a theme here. We are all very excited especially mommy and daddy. Thank you, baby Tater for giving me a new fun project. I love the challenge and hope it meets with your approval.