May 13, 2011

Janny Bum

Janice is the middle sister in my family. She is between me and our oldest sister Ellen. When she was a little girl, my mom called her Janny Bum. I don't really know where that came from, it was some sort of term of endearment. Which implies mom had a sweet name she called each of us. Nope. I was just Karol... Karol Ann with an exclamation point at the end if I was in trouble. I tended to cringe if my name was called out in my house. We were all very, very good at staying below the radar. If you got the attention of my mother it usually wasn't a good thing. If we heard our first and middle names called together, we kind of peed our pants a little. I don't go by Karol Ann, only Karol.
Back to Janice... we are good crafting buddies and feed off each other. She has been the biggest supporter of all my ventures and has joined me in many.

These garden markers are her latest venture. They are so beautiful! She has a great skill at looking at things and seeing a new purpose in them. We can spend hours and hours in places where most people wouldn't even stop, and find bags of treasures to come home and get our creative juices flowing. She also has a fabulous knack of displaying things in a very pleasing way. When we do a craft show together, she puts it all together making sweet vignettes and adding extra touches to enhance our wares.
Just today, I went shopping in Daytona Beach's thrift shops looking for more flatware for her. Score! I found plenty to keep her busy for awhile. We will be displaying them in our booth in the fall and at an Open House near Christmas. Love you, Jan!