May 11, 2011


I know she sometimes gets a bad rap. She's a diva for sure, and on the snotty side. Way on the snotty side. But I love what she has given women who love to create and tap into their artsy, whimsical, thrifty, and crafty sides. She has made it cool to be all those things. I subscribe to her Living magazine (actually it is a gift from my sister Jan - thanks Jan) and I get so excited when each issue arrives. OK, I'll admit when there is a 2 page article about how to properly make a bed, I cringe and say "Really, Martha? I'm 59 years old and I know how to make a bed". But the crafting ideas are nothing short of inspirational. Yes, yes, I know she is surrounded by a staff of hundreds who do it all, but take all that away and crafty Martha would still rock. I love this idea in the June issue:
Doesn't it just make you slap your forehead and think... duh! Why didn't I think of that. So cute and so simple. Paper lanterns covered in circles of colored tissue. Beautiful. I see orange and black ones in my next Halloween decorating. So, thank you, Martha. You may not ever be someone who could be my best friend, but I love your Good Things.