April 01, 2011

Word Art

I love words and especially when made into word art. When I was younger, my choice of reading material was usually a dictionary. I still will pick one up when I have down time, or maybe books about quotations or word derivatives. I have compiled a mental list of my favorite words. If I'm ever asked by James Lipton what my favorite and least favorite words are, I will know the answers immediately. Onomatopoeia # 1 fave. Phlegm #1 least fave. Kind of ironic that my least favorite word is an onomatopoetic one! Anyhow... back to word art. I found this in a Ross store on clearance after St. Pat's Day. I bought it simply because I liked the size of the wooden block and it was $1. I also knew that I was going to redo it when I got it home into word art.
It had a little dowel with a broken shamrock sticking out of the top. I tossed those. I decoupaged some black background paper on the front then cut out magazine letters to spell out a message. I chose green letters to use because my of my recent chair redo. It has ispired me to use lime green and black accents in my craft room. Here is the first result:
Yuck! The background paper is waaaaaaay too busy to be able to read the letters. So scratch that one and start over. I covered the green letters with a piece of beige card stock then started over with more green letters:
Much better! It says: "she decided to start living the life she dreamed of". I do a lot of this kind of art. I cut out letters from magazines lay out a message ransom style. I call it Ransom Art.
I have this one hanging over the freshly made-over bulletin board which is above my work bench.
I took an old cork board which had an ugly brown metal frame, and (spray) painted the frame glossy black. I took some of the extra material from my chair project, and glued it (using ModPodge) to the cork and added a green ribbon around the edges .

I'll post more pictures of my craft room when I get it looking more photo worthy. I'm working hard at re-organizing and paring down some of my craft supplies. It was to be my spring break project, but that went awry since I got sick on day one of my break. I'm getting there.