March 27, 2011

Thrift chair redo

I've had this chair in my garage for many months, waiting for the ever rare "time" to work on it. I paid $5 at a local thrift store (shoulda got all 4 of them... doh!) and it is a good sturdy chair. I intended to refurbish and gift it to someone, but I decided I like it a lot and want it for myself. Yes, I am selfish that way sometimes.
Here's the before:
Not all that ugly, just didn't go with anything and had no pizazz. (love that word. you almost have to use jazz hands when you say it) The seat isn't broken, I had just unscrewed it from the bottom before I took the picture.

Got some black glossy spray paint (more about that later) and some material (more about that too) and presto change-o I got a pretty new chair for my craft room.

Here's the more-about-that part...

1. I get an idea and run like the wind to get it done without the proper pre-planning that it takes to get it done correctly. That's how I roll. I'm not crazy about that, but none the less, that's who I am. OK, I have put it in writing and now you know my dirty little secret.
2. I'm not all that crazy about coaching from the sidelines especially from a coach who doesn't do anything handy. No names necessary.
3. Lizards make me squeal like a 9 year old girl.
4. Tyra Banks likes to smile with her eyes. I like to say "KMA" with mine.

1. Spring days in Florida are windy.
2. Wind + spray paint = paint all over you and not the project.
3. Wind + spray paint = twice as much paint as you thought you'd need.
4. Spray paint doesn't come off skin as easily as it goes on.
5. Lizards don't like spray paint.
6. After spray painting 3 cans of paint, that's pretty much all you can smell for a long time. Hmmmm, if they only made something that could prevent that. what? they do? a mask! why didn't I think of that.

1. If you need cloth for a project, you cannot guess how much that would be while you are at the cloth counter. You will guess wrong. There's no shame in measuring.
2. You will need twice as much paint as you thought you'd need.
3. Husbands sometimes like to snicker when you don't pre-plan. Hence, the KMA eyes.

Cute, cute, cute! and it only took 2 trips to Walmart for supplies. I have extra cloth now :) so maybe I can coordinate a bulletin board with it.
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