April 17, 2011

My name is Karol, and I am a collector.

My garage holds crates and crates of collections. Most are seasonal, some are old linens I can't seem to give up, some are books that are there for the same reason. But mostly it is seasonal "stuff".  Every year I swear to myself that I am not going to buy anything else, but I just laugh and keep adding to the pile. I won't embarrass myself and tell you how many crates are out there, but I will say that my car couldn't fit in there if it had to. I have mostly Christmas, then next would be Halloween. Halloween is my favorite holiday, and if I didn't think my husband would kill me, I'd keep the decorations up all year.

Here are some of my Easter collectibles.

These egg cups started out as a set of chalkware that you could paint. I can't even remember where I got them, but I've had them for over 10 years. I love their facial expressions and poses. There are four total.

My maternal grandmother used to send us all cards for every occasion when I was a little thing.  The impressive part about that is she had 36 grandchildren and never forgot to send any of us a card. She was a sentimental woman and that trait has been passed down to me. I kept my cards and love to bring them out to make me smile. This one has a fuzzy feel to the bunny.

Here is another one next to a thrift store pink duck sitting on one of my chairs from another collection. The duck is half of a salt and pepper shaker set. The other piece was missing. Notice my white plate collection too. I love milk glass. I put some dollar tree gel stickers on the plate... how cute! That was a DUH moment. I usually put them on a mirror or window, but it struck me that the white glass was a perfect background for the pretty pastel gels.
This is a full view of one of my cabinets in my kitchen. I made the egg "banner" with plastic eggs that I simply opened and attached to a ribbon. Not my idea, I saw it on another blog and loved the effect. So easy, and sweet.

I'm also a big lover of bubble lights. This one came from TJ Maxx and although it has glitter in it instead of just bubbles, I love it anyway. We had bubble lights on our Christmas tree when I was a kid, and I can remember how fascinated I was with them. I love that they are back around. What do you collect?