April 08, 2011

Hippity Hoppity SUG

I made these little thank-you gifts for our fellow coworkers and passed them out this morning. I started with 4 boxes of bunny Peeps, 2 bags of little malted milk balls, a large bag of shredded coconut, and a package of the bags sold in the Wilton aisle that are meant for lollipops. These are so simple to make. I dyed the coconut greenish-yellow then toasted it in the oven on a large cookie sheet at 350 degrees for 15 minutes. I stirred it, and put it back in for 12 more minutes. After cooling, I spooned coconut 2 heaping spoonfuls into the bags with 5 or 6 milk balls and a Peep. I printed out onto shipping labels: "To one of our favorite Peeps", stuck those on the back side of the bag, then zip tied them with the silver tie that comes with the bags. Too cute!!! and so easy. I made 48 of them to share. Peep Peep!