April 03, 2011


After almost an entire week of not feeling well, I finally got over whatever "crud" had invaded my body. My spring break was intended to be more productive than it was but that, as they say, is life. I did manage to get around to some cleaning out of the spider webs in my craft room. Not literal webs, I'm not that bad. But I am bad at dangerously close levels of hoarding. So, I have my car filled to the brim with donations for my favorite thrift stores, and a second batch waiting to get loaded after that one gets dumped off. I feel cleansed. I had so much stuff in bags, I had forgotten that I had most of it. That's the bad side of crafting. How many times have we all said, "I will get around to doing something with this later." Of course, later never comes.

My first project was my bulletin board. Remember... I had left over material from my chair redo. Here is the board:
Right now I have some of my favorite family pictures on it, but I will be using it as a place to put inspiration pix that I find on-line or in magazines. I love this material! It is very bright and fun, and definitely sparked up my space. Got it at Walmart.

These are another couple of projects that I did to pull in the green/black theme. I found both of these at thrift stores. One is a cutlery tray and was light oak. The other is a little wall shelf and was a darker mahogany color. I'm am sooooo terrible at taking the "before pictures"... sorry.

On the cutlery tray, I simply primed it with white, painted the inside of each compartment with a spring green, then decoupaged the "walls" with black and green background papers. It is really cute! I attached a picture hanger to the back so I could hang it on the wall.

This little shelf got spray painted green and I filled it with some of my K collection and a few other little things that make me smile.

The lamp started out as an ugly 80's brass thing with a pleated shade. I sprayed it with a brushed nickel paint and changed the shade. I took some more of the chair material, cut out some of the flowers and used Mod Podge to attach them to the shade. The little black pompom fringe adds so much whimsy! That was hot glued on. Believe it or not, I measured the shade before I bought the trim. Imagine that! I'm a slow learner, but I do learn eventually.


I found the bird cage at a thrift store for 50¢ and sprayed it green. I have my large acrylic paint bottles inside. The tissue box was one of those oval ones that Kleenex puts out at Christmas, and I covered it with green striped BG paper and added a black satin bow. Very pretty.

Another view of the lamp without the light on. You can see the color much better now. Enough for now. I'll post more another time. Meanwhile, I'm back to work tomorrow :(