March 05, 2011

Lucky Me

Tonight I made a promise to myself to use what I already have to create a St. Patty's challenge. I love, love to make projects with words, so I started with some silver frames for scrapbooking. Which, by the way, I hate to do. I need an instant gratification that comes with any craft other than scrapbooking. I made albums for my children that took 6 months to finish and tons of hours. Were they beautiful? Yes, but I didn't think I would ever finish them. I digress...

Then I added some scraps of green background paper to the backs of them

...came up with some silly Irish phrases with my bead letters from the craft store. Oh my, I just noticed the front center phrase... LOL, that is supposed to say "sassy lass" not "a slssy ass". I guess my sleeve bumped the letters before I took the picture. Too funny, I make myself laugh!

used tacky glue to add the words to the background papers...

hot glued a piece of cardboard to the back for stability, along with a pinback. Embellished the front with some green bows and shamrock confetti (the only thing I didn't already own - 99¢ from Michael's)

tada! I will give these to my friends at work with a "lucky me to have a friend like you" tag.
Happy St. Patty's Day! Lucky me to have so much ap-cray in my craft room.