September 01, 2010

Senior Moment?

This morning as I dressed in a semi-dark room so as to not wake my sleeping husband, I applied my make-up as I do every day. My make-up light was plenty bright enough to illuminate my face in the mirror. Moisturizer - check, foundation - check, eyeshadow - check. Masacara, eyeliner and blush follow. My final step is adding eyebrow pencil to my ever thinning brows. I applied as usual, but today they seem darker than normal. hmmm. Let me take a peek at my eyebrow pencil. OMG, that's not my eyebrow pencil, that's my freakin' purple eyeliner pencil. I have purple eyebrows! I have made myself into a clown.
I'd like to think that I can chalk this up to the poor lighting in my bedroom, but I am having more and more of these moments than I care to admit these days.  Last week I had my legs in the wrong holes of my underwear. The week before that, I had a blouse on backwards. Lord help me, I'm too young for this.