August 28, 2010


I started my life in Jacksonville and although we lived there for the majority of my childhood, I was the only sibling born there. With dad being a career Navy man, we were unsettled until I was born. My sisters were born in Corpus Christi, Texas, and Pensacola, Florida. My brother was born in Morocco, Africa during a three year stint there with the Navy. My married life has taken me on many adventures of my own. We started in Jacksonville, moved to Seattle, then back to Jacksonville, then to Lakeland, to Fort Worth, then to Houston, on back to Jacksonville, then finally settled in Gainesville. I had a total of 18 addresses as an adult before moving here. We love it here for many reasons. The small town atmosphere, the college town way of thinking, the friends we have grown to love and the convenience of short trips “home” to visit family. I always say that life is one big adventure and you have to take change with that attitude. Change is good. It’s the “don’t sweat the petty stuff” theory that gets me through life’s obstacles.