February 04, 2013

RAOK update

It has been one year since I posted about Random Acts of Kindness. I asked my friends not to give me any gifts or celebrations for my 60th birthday, but to do RAOK's for 60 days instead. I got wonderful input from so many people, all of whom I knew all along would do kind things without me asking.

One in particular was incredible! My friend Nancy and her husband kept a journal for an entire year for me of the acts of kindnesses they did in my honor. OMG, I was overwhelmed with joy when she presented it to me this year on my birthday. I read through tear filled eyes some of their posts. Here are some of the wonderful things they did: gave up their "you're next" status at a restaurant to another couple; took in neighbors trash cans; mentored some high school students for an upcoming competition; helped a fellow motorist move his car from the road; picked up trash at the beach; did a surprise carpet cleaning for their son's apartment; mailed a card to a couple listed in the paper who were celebrating their 75th anniversary; made several donations to scouts/students outside of Publix; made a call to the Publix manager about good service by one of his employees (she received a free meal voucher).
The list went on and on, each as sweet and wonderful as the next.

As I said before, I believe strongly in Paying it Forward. One of my favorite quotes is by Leo Buscaglia (remember him?) I loved watching him on PBS when I was younger. Such an incredible man. His quote: Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around. 

I wrote this today because another sweet friend, Kimmie, posted on her Facebook page about an act she performed over the weekend in my honor. She mentioned my challenge to her from a year ago. I have such wonderful friends in my life, and love them all dearly. They are all kind, and awesome. 

Thank you, sweet friends for your kindness, and touching others lives on a daily basis.