November 06, 2012

From the mouths of babes

I am not shy about sharing my not so secret love affair with my grandchildren. The joy they bring is immense and constant. We have begun having sleepovers here on a one-on-one basis. It helps mama at home, and gives me the wonderful opportunity to interact with them without the frazzled confusion that surrounds a "whole family" visit.

I established a Take Turns Rule, so no one is cheated. Last night was Mason's turn...  he's my little pickle. He likes to be in charge of just about everything in his world, and when he cannot, there is usually a lot of drama. He giggled in delight knowing his little brother didn't get to tag along. I saved last Sunday's ads because they were loaded with toys. I knew he would love going through them and picking out some things for his Christmas wish list. Last year he circled every single toy "except for the girl ones, those are for Braydon."
I handed him a blue Sharpie and told him he could only circle one on each page.
Ever the clever child, he circled one, then circled another one next to it, then drew a line connecting the two. He makes me giggle out loud, mainly because I can literally see the wheels turning in his head.
I recently chaperoned a field trip for his Kindergarten class to a local working farm. Here are my guys for the day... little Nicholas on the left was awesome! with his badass mohawk and glasses. Mason is in the middle, then Matthew on the right. Matthew, I'm guessing, is an only child. He was worried about scraping his knee, "because that's what happened there last time." and he had those jazz hands going all day. The bathroom options were a line of about 10 port-a-potties. When it was time, Nicholas and Mason went straight in and did their business. Matthew said "no thank you" after looking inside one. Hilarious.
We had a wonderful day. I was the only grandmother there. I know this is weird, but I honestly don't feel my age, and when I am in a group of people much younger than me, in my head I'm thinking that maybe I'm a few years older. Clearly I am not, these parents are my children's age. One of Mason's classmates asked him if I was his mom, and he replied "no, she's my great great grandmother." I didn't just giggle, I slapped my knee.

Recently his younger brother who is four (the best age ever!) asked me if I was 16. "No" I said, "I'm 60."  60!? Wow, that's a lot Gigi. Is that almost a hundred?"  Yes, Braydon, yes it is.  If I ever want a good laugh, I just hang out with my boys. They keep me rolling. I love you two, and can't wait to start conversing with little miss K.