May 19, 2013

Happy, Happy, Happy

My blogging mojo has been conspicuous by its absence. To say that I am busy is an understatement to be sure.
I have been working hard with Janice (for one thing) getting ready for our fall craft shows. We love being up to our eyebrows in snowmen and snowmen parts. It's a constant source of entertainment for each of us to always be on the lookout for body parts. I don't believe either one of us goes shopping at thrift stores or antique malls or anywhere else for that matter without looking at "things" with an artistic eye. Occasionally, each of us will message the other with a photo of a potential hat or embellishment, and a message "what do you think of this?" or "can we use that?"
This year we have already made 2 big batches of our vintage bottle snowmen, over 200 already, and we are now working on adding to our repertoire. Jan made a snowman last year for herself, taking the idea from a Pinterest post that is so cute, we decided we could make a batch of them. Here is a sneak peek of our batch...

Oh my! How flippin' cute! We have about 14 of them so far. Lots of sizes and shapes. Some 3 spools tall, some 2.

We'll be testing the waters with these on October, but I'm pretty sure they'll be received well. We'll name them too, just like our other snowmen.

Pretty self explanatory on what they're made from. We had everything except for the spools of crochet thread, and scored those from Ebay and thrift stores. Crafting is my Happy Place. I don't get to go there often enough, but when I do, it is the most therapeutic thing I do for myself. And to get some sister time in there is a big bonus for both of us. We get together again this weekend for more therapy. See you soon, Jan.