October 18, 2012

Bat Girl

Our little Kinsley is 10 months old now, and is turning into a fireball princess. She is growing up with 2 rough and tumble big brothers so she can't help but be a fireball. Her personality is incredible... so sweet and happy with a constant smile on her face. She contorts that little tongue out of the side of her mouth when she smiles and when she's "thinking".

Yesterday I picked her up from daycare for our weekly sleepover. If I'm lucky, I get her more than once a week. She really is an angel, and no trouble at all. Of course, she isn't walking yet, so that has a lot to do with her angelic behavior. I found the cutest costume on Etsy for her of a Bat Girl. It is made of a black tulle tutu and a black mesh top, with a hand cut yellow felt Batman symbol sewn to the chest. And to top it off, there is a black satin ribbon that ties around her neck. I put a pair of black tights underneath for the final effect. Her brothers (super hero officionados) are going to love it.

Papa and I took her to a nearby church pumpkin patch for a photo op. Well, that was our intention. She was not as cooperative as we hoped. Are they ever when a camera is involved?  Her main issue was with Papa. For some odd reason, she was not feeling the Papa moment. We think because he had a hat on, she was confused about who he was. Not only did she not want him to hold her, but she wasn't too thrilled that he was making goofy faces at her to encourage a smile. It only encouraged looks of panic. If there had been a bubble over her head with text in it, it would have said "Gigi, please make that scary man go away, and for God's sake don't let him pick me up". So no smiles from Kinsley in the pumpkin patch.

Happy first Halloween, Kinsley!  I promise Papa loves you almost as much as I do.  :)