October 07, 2012

Mad Scientists at work

It's almost here! I have had as much fun as a gal can have getting ready for Halloween.  My office mates are very tolerant of my holiday giddiness. I think they love it as much as I do and let me have carte blanche when it comes to decorating. I always go all out for Halloween. This year I decided to go with a Mad Scientist theme in our office.

I have been making "specimen jars" with some not too creepy specimens. I went to a Dollar Tree and found some of those rubber critters that expand in water. I put 2 of the snake ones in a jar filled with water dyed with food coloring, (4 drops of yellow, one drop of green) and a cricket one in another. I also have a creepy brown furry turantula on moss in another jar. I had access to some beakers and flasks from one of our academies (Biotechnology Academy) and some cool petri dishes.

I found an awesome rubber toad at a thrift store for a quarter and turned him into a specimen too.

I thought and thought about what to do with the front of my desk. I considered making it just look like a lab table, but then the lightbulb went off and the scientific element table came to mind. I thought it would be cool to make a message using the element letters. I found a table on the internet for reference,  and came up with my scientific version of Happy Halloween.

I have had a couple of people who I knew didn't get it (our janitor said "Miss Karol, did you spell Halloween right?) but most people got it right away. Yea!

Next was the door to our office. I found a clipart file on Google of a mad scientist, printed him out, projected larger onto a wall and traced it on construction paper to the size of our door.

Add a little sign that says "Radio Active Experiments in Progress, enter at your own risk" and we are in business. I will be wearing a white lab coat, some safety goggles and a bald style wig that has white and wild hair. I bought 2 packages of Martha Stewart test tubes, added some M&M's and made them look all Halloweeny for giving to my office pals. These are the white chocolate Halloween version of M&M's. If you like white chocolate, you will love these. They are bigger than regular M&M's, almost twice as big. Yummo!

Cackle, cackle, screamy, screamy! Happy, happy Halloweenie!