September 16, 2012

Halloween Prop

I have some of the cutest Halloween collectibles and of course display them every year. I like to set them on top of things, mostly orange and black tins I collect. But sometimes I like a little bling bling on my "props". I used an empty spool from some ribbon and repurposed it (love to re-use, love that it's free) into a sweet and blingy prop for one of my August Moon cuties.

Start out by tracing the spool onto background paper for the top and bottom and put them aside. Then trim the spool edges with scalloped scissors. You could leave the edges straight, but I wanted to make them scalloped, so I cut around the edges with some decorative edged scissors.

Then I cut some background paper (Walmart) to fit the middle and taped it inside. I used a cute orange and black polka dot.

I then Mod Podged the top/bottom onto the spool. The edges may not match up, but it wasn't an issue. I just used the scissors to trim them after they were glued and it looked perfect.

(Not so perfect edge before I trimmed)

I then used Martha Stewart glitter (the Hematite was extra sparkly) to glitter the inside scalloped edges, using Mod Podge.

So cute, easy, and blingy.