December 08, 2011

Partreena Chinka Pear Tree

I was reminded of my daughter's childhood recently when I took my grandsons to see Santa. When she was in kindergarten they were learning songs for a Christmas play at school. Back when you could call it a Christmas play. She would sing the songs at home, my first clue that they were learning them. She belted out the 12 Days of Christmas, only her version of the first day was not "partridge in a pear tree" it was Partreena Chinka Pear Tree. The first time I heard it, my head spun around... "Say that again for me honey." She repeated it in her version. I told her "no, it's partridge in a pear tree" saying each word slowly because I knew she had never heard the word "partridge" before. Of course, mama was wrong, and she was right, so she sang it that way until someone wiser told her otherwise. Probably a classmate. She was and is a stubborn thing and has been blessed with a child who has the same tendencies.

My son was a huge Sesame Street toddler. Loved every episode. I believe he learned his letters from it when he was 18 months old (I swear). He was very articulate, but had a few words he struggled with. He could say "cookie" and he could say "monster", but put them together and he came out with "Coochers".  Big Bird was "Beeboo" and Oscar was "Ockers".

I picked up my grandsons from daycare recently and they knew full well that we were going to see Santa that night. Little Braydon announced he learned a new song in class and wanted to sing it for me. (I love these boys with all my heart) I turned my car radio off so I could savor every word. "Go ahead, sweetie." Mind you, both my boys have a lisp when they talk so sometimes I am amused in a way that only another grandmother would understand. "I have a friend who hath a beard and Thanta ith hith name-o... Eth-A-N-T-A! Eth-A-N-T-A! Eth-A-N-T-A! and Thanta ith hith name-o." Proud as a peacock, that boy was. He smiled at me in my rear view mirror and I smiled back at him. Did I correct him at that moment? No, I didn't. Oh, we practice the S sound a lot, but in that moment, I just couldn't burst his proud little bubble.

So Merry Christmas to all of you and may you have the absolute pleasure of enjoying your family for what they are. It makes me smile out loud and brings back sweet memories of my own children's early years.