November 17, 2011

Let it snow!

This is the Pinterest inspiration - LOVE
I had the pleasure of making Christmas gifts with my grandsons to give to their family members. I started by going to Walmart to get some supplies. I bought 3 plain 8x10 frames that were $1.97 each. I found a package of 8x10 canvas (3 per pack), got some paint (blue and white) some roller brushes, glitter glue and star confetti. I had envisioned making a hand-print piece of art similar to something I had seen on Pinterest. (see above)
I pre-painted the background by mixing some white with blue and rolling it on the canvas. If you don't mix the paints well, you get this awesome looking "cloudy" sky. Then I added snow drifts to hold the family of snow people by rolling on just white paint.

When I got to their house, we spread out all of the supplies on the dining room table and got to work. I told the boys we were making a snowman picture. Mind you, I had planned to paint their hands with white paint (duh, snowmen are white) but as soon as Mason saw the bottle of blue paint, he announced his snowmen would be blue. Hmmmm, I said. OK, blue it is. Isn't that the best part of being 4? You aren't confined by any preconceived notions. My little man Mason has a very strong sense of himself and what he wants. "I'm first!" he declared. Little brother Braydon is fully aware of big brother's strong personality and sat patiently while I painted Mason's hand blue, three times (once for each picture) Then Braydon's turn. He wanted white snowmen. Maybe the blue snowmen are just really, really colder than the white ones. :)

After they each pressed their hands onto the canvases, I gave them some glitter glue and a bag of pretty star confetti for the sky. They were a little heavy handed with the glitter glue, but who doesn't get excited by glitter glue?  As a result, we have a very starry sky, and how beautiful it is!

I embellished each snowman with seed bead eyes and mouths and little pieces of orange fun foam noses. I used markers to draw scarves and hats and ear muffs.
I attached a label on the backs with the a "Merry Christmas" message, the year, and their ages. I hope the recipients love them as much as the boys loved making them.