November 05, 2011

Baby Bling

Baby Kinsley is almost here and her Gigi is anxiously awaiting the big day. Her big brothers have finally come to accept that 1: She's a girl, and 2: She is not replacing one of them (much to Mason's chagrin). He just knew when mama told them the news, that he was going to be trading in his little brother for this new baby. Then of course, they went through the naming of the baby. "Batman" was at the top of the list. After 7 1/2 months, they have accepted "Kinsley Faith" as her name, and are looking forward to meeting her.

I found an old pearl necklace that my dad gave me when I was a little girl and thought that repurposing it for my first granddaughter would be an awesome thing. The pearls are yellowed with that lovely vintage-y (that's got to be a word) look. I bought some pale baby pink Swarovski crystals and a little oval bead with a K on it. I added a tiny crystal-studded star charm to the clasp. It is precious if I must say so myself and I can't wait to see it on her tiny wrist.

I also found a sweet poem that I will print out and tuck in the box for her...

"Once upon a time a baby girl was born.
This pearl and crystal bracelet upon her wrist was worn.
The years went by and the young girl grew.
Something old, something new,
Something borrowed, something blue.
A lucky penny for her shoe...
These treasures she'll recall with pride
When this sweet baby becomes a bride."