February 05, 2011

Double Trouble

That's the name my sister and I call our business. We make and sell snowmen from vintage bottles and found objects. It is a very hard craft to describe, but when you see pictures of them it all makes sense. We went on a bottle hunt today in Webb's Antique mall near Lake City. Jan found a booth on a recent trip, that had nothing but bottles (score!) so we decided to go and make an offer on a bulk purchase. Luckily for us, the booth owner cooperated, and we now own 70 more bottles that we will turn into snowmen for this fall craft show season. Finding vintage/antique bottles is not as hard as you'd think, but finding them for what we are willing to pay is another story. We don't really know much (or care) about the history of the bottles, we just like how they look, and love how pretty they turn out when we are finished creating a snowman out of them.
We have been very successful selling them and actually have "fans" who buy multiple snowmen for their collections. (Thank you, dear fans)
This is the banner we use in our booth display. If you are ever in our area at a craft show and see that banner, stop by and say HI. We love to have company. Or, check us out at www.etsy.com/shop/boogirl99

Some of our snowmen are there, but not very many.

Last year around this time, I was in my favorite place to shop: TJ Maxx/Homegoods. I saw this bunny...
and thought how cute his head was. I took my camera out and photo'd him (yeah, I know, I should have paid for it if I was going to copy it) and came home with creative juices flowing. I love when that happens. Anyhow, this is the result of that...

a little vintage perfume bottle, a little clay, a little bit of found objects, and some glitter = Double Trouble. This bunny was a one of a kind. I intended to make more, but alas, time got away from me. C'mon, Jan, let's make some bunnies!