August 04, 2012

Be Still My Heart

It is getting closer to my favorite holiday (Halloween) and I am seeing orange and black in the stores already! yippee!! My Pinterest list of things to do for Halloween is a long one, and I am starting to work on them now. I saw this idea on another blog and loved it. These hologram pictures are available in the Dollar Tree stores...
sweet pictures of vintage looking people. They have a few images to chose from. I picked these girls and a woman that looks like my great grandmother and an old man. They are in horrible, horrible plastic cheesy frames, but as the blogger stated, they can be cut out from the frames. I used an exacto knife and it cut like buttah :)

These give you a ghoulish image from another angle and are a cute addition to a vignette with some vintage looking Halloween collectibles.

Here's the ghoulish side, taken from a different angle:

I have a stash of frames I use for all kinds of crafts, so I popped the grandma's image into one, which is a pewter looking metallic frame. The opening fits a 4x6 photo. I may try a more antique looking frame, but I kind of like the pewter one too. It photographed poorly as it picked up reflections of things around the room, my pink shirt I am wearing, for one. But here it is:

Good grandma :)

BAD grandma! 
I can't wait to see my boys reaction to these. Sometimes they are a little skittish about spooky stuff.
And just think, in only 28 more days, I can get out all my Halloween collections and begin decorating! Yipeee!