June 04, 2012


I'm a big purse girl. None of those tiny little purses for me that only hold a credit card and a tissue. I want to put lots of crap in mine, because a gal just never knows when she's gonna need a nail clipper, an emery board, emergency toilet paper (yes, emergency toilet paper - get it in the travel supplies at CVS), a bottle of Immodium (I'm sensing a trend here), 5 tubes of lipstick, a tube of hand lotion, 3 flashdrives, a wallet, a coin purse, a cell phone, sunglasses, a couple of toys just in case I have the boys with me, paycheck stubs for the last 2 pay periods, ads/coupons from Michael's and Kohl's, an extra straw for the times they don't give me one in the drive thru, and my big ass set of keys. If you dig down to the bottom, you're gonna find loose change, maybe a few beads, some paper clips, and some dental floss. Yes, ma'am, I need a big purse. And it's gonna weigh a ton. And I'm gonna have to shift it from shoulder to shoulder while I'm shopping. But I'm not complaining. Wouldn't want it any other way. By the way, I do not call it a handbag or a pocket book. Not sure who does, but I know I've heard those terms... are they regional words? Nope, it's a purse to me.

Here are a few pictures of purses I'd love to own. They may never make it into my closet if they cost more than I'm willing to spend.

Love a leather purse!

Louis Vuitton, yeah, right, like that's gonna happen, but holy geez, look at that color.

Dooney & Bourke. Awesome, but too pricey for me too.

Love a pop of color in a purse.
I usually find my purses at TJ Maxx. They have the best selection and the best prices. A lot of designer stuff like Michael Kohrs too.

I also like to switch purses with the seasons. Mostly I like metallics for the fall/winter and bright pops of color in the spring/summer.

I bought one recently that is adorable, but it has no pockets or compartments, kind of a sling design. Everything falls to the bottom in one big pile and I have to dig around blindly to find something like I'm playing that baby shower game. You know the one, where they put baby items in a bag and you feel around inside and try to identify what's in there. Fun game, but OMG, not what I want to do while I'm driving. Or not driving. That little cutie lasted about 2 weeks, until today. I had to remove every single thing in my purse to get to my sunglasses. That was the deal breaker for me. So I stopped into our Super Walmart to pick up some mascara and decided to find a new purse. Spur of the moment purchases are my favorites.

This is it:

Awesome color, kind of a sagey green. It has pockets galore for all of my ap-cray. I love it. And the best part of the purse is the price - $18! I switched everything out and am a happy camper once again.

The incredible black rosey thing is a coin purse my friend Terri gave me for my birthday. I have people stop me and ask about it all the time. It's made of buttery smooth black leather. Thanks, Terri.

Here is another fabulous purse accessory I found at a local art show in May. It is a little purse, but I use it inside my big purse. It holds my cell phone and my debit cards and folding money. I have taken it inside the stores and left my big purse in the car occasionally.

A collaborative effort by a couple of artisans, and they call themselves RoBe. I believe they have an Etsy shop. Very well made, and adorable.



... love it!