May 14, 2012


Long before this website came into existence, I (and a bazillion other people) kept images - electronic and hard copies - of all the things inspirational. Mostly things I wanted to craft, but also things that just made me smile. My craftroom is filled with folders, my office is filled with folders, my computer is (was) filled with folders of images. I even had folders in my car, and pieces of paper in my wallet. Things I'd like to make, things I'd like to eat/cook, things I'd like to own, even things that make me say "eewwww".

Then along came Pinterest.  An OMG moment if there ever was one for someone who is a compulsive image hoarder. I have 35 boards with a LOT of pins - as they are called - and I am a total junkie. Each image is one pin, and I have over 2500 so far. Here is my link if you'd like to see what I obsess about:

here are some of my favorites from my boards...

This is a way to display brooches in a craft booth. How adorable is this? Do I make or sell brooches? Noooooo  :)  but I might someday. I might also modify the idea to display earrings which I do make and sell. It is in my board titled "Booth Ideas". That's what Pinterest is: an on-line bulletin board-ish place to keep inspirational images. The images come from an infinite number of sources. For me, it's mostly from blogs, but I also repin other peoples pins.

This is from my "here's your sign" board. It's where I like to keep funny quotes mostly. Or sassy, snarky quotes.

"What Goes Around" is the name of this board. It has images of things that have been upcycled or altered. I love these.

Of course I have a board called "shoegasm", it has some mostly fantasy shoe wishes. I'm way too old to actually wear most these, but savvy enough to appreciate their sassy style. Oh, I'd wear these particular ones. I love, love a great wedge. And a wedge with an ankle strap... OMG

One of my favorite boards is called "Spooky (not)" - duh - all about Halloween. My favorite holiday.

The best part of pinning is you can go back to the original source of the "pin" to find out how something was made and get instructions on how to make it yourself.

Check it out, especially if you are a DIYer.