January 03, 2012

Phew! I made it.

Another year bites the dust. Happy New Year to all of you, and here's hoping 2012 brings smiles and contentment. It's almost time for the big six-o at my house and I am wishing it away. That works, doesn't it? Sometimes I actually cross my arms, blink my eyes while I nod my head,  just like I Dream of Jeannie did. Go away! Go away! Go away!

Christmas came and went in a flash.  I finally got some time to put it all away, although this year I didn't have my whole collection out. I have been collecting Santas for about 30 years, and have recently taken a shine to snowmen, and little Christmas trees. My photo sessions in the "before" mode are slim to none (we were way too busy getting ready for Kinsley's arrival) but I have a few...

 These are some of my snowmen in one of my kitchen cupboards. I am drawn to glitter (duh, who isn't) and vintage looking ones. Or just ones that make me smile. Sometimes it is a cute face or a sweet smile, and when I see it, I get it. Mostly I get my tchotchky stuff from TJ Maxx, and when you see it there, you better buy it, 'cuz by gawd, it isn't gonna be there when you go back.

More in another cupboard.

 This is the top of my tree. Honestly, it is so beautiful, I can't even stand it :)

I have all red and silver ornaments, and added these pops of glitter to the top. I couldn't get enough time in front of my tree to just sit and soak it in this year. I remember as a child, my brother and I playing "I Spy" lying in front of our silver aluminum tree as it rotated with the colored spotlights on it. Mom had a fabulous collection of German ornaments, and we had every color of the rainbow to spy with our little eye.

To me, there is something very peaceful about sitting and drinking a cup of hot cocoa as I look at my tree. I wish I had more of those moments. Life happens, though.

 This beauty was hand made for me by my friend Margie. It is made from seed beads and crystals and I watched her many, many hours creating these for gifts for her special friends. How lucky for me that I am on that list. This is one of 3 she gave me. Yes, 3, all different. Don't be jealous.
 I found this at a craft show in North Carolina. I think it is the first ice skate I have ever seen in person! Not surprising as I am a native Floridian. It was hanging in my guest bathroom and looked so festive. I wish I could tole paint like that, but cannot.

This little guy is one of my new snowmen. Sweet face, sweet smile, and lots of glitter. The little vintage tag is adorable too.

I found this cookie gift box at Michael's. It has 2 compartments. I love, love it and intended to fill it with homemade cookies for a neighbor. Ha! Good one. Maybe next year.

I gathered up all that I had out to get ready to store them away until next year. I put them all on my dining room table so I can see what needs to be stored in each crate. I won't embarrass myself and tell you how many crates I have for Christmas/Halloween/Easter. Let me just say, no car fits in my garage.

Remember these cuties? I think they came from Hallmark. I had 4, I think, but only have 3 now.
Goodbye, little smile makers, see you again in December.