September 11, 2011

Repurposed vintage bottles

After creating more than 400 snowmen (holy guacamole) we have decided we're done. Sometimes when you do something you love soooooo much, you no longer love it. That's not entirely true here, we still love doing them, but this is our 3rd year and it's time to move on to bigger and better things. And because we still have a massive stash of "stuff" to work with, we have taken a different direction with our bottles. We were inspired to create altered bottles using some vintage lace, some vintage buttons, some beach finds from last weekend and a whole lot of other goodies. Here are some:

I have some printed french vintage labels, and some beautifully aged vintage lace and a large assortment of jewelry pieces and filler pearls.

These sea themed bottles have shells and feathers we found at the beach after a stormy night. The one on the right has what looks like a barnacle for a cap, with a feather from a sea bird tucked in the lace. The one on the left has a whole remnant of a sea urchin for the cap, (they are NEVER whole on the beach... always in pieces because they are so fragile) and is filled with pearls and tiny feathers. There are crystals and pearls and a shell hanging from the neck. They are so sweet and would look so pretty on a shabby chic vanity or dresser or even on a side table as part of a vignette. We hope you like looking at them. They will be part of our offerings at the Mandarin craft show in October.

For this one, we used vintage buttons to make flowers. We have so many old salt & pepper shakers that it just made sense to put flowers in them like a vase. This one has more vintage buttons inside of the shaker.