November 13, 2010

What's not to love about a 3 year old?

My daughter and I exchanged IM's recently about her oldest son who is 3 1/2. The change is so dramatic between 3 and 4, they learn so much and start seeing the world as a place that doesn't so much revolve around them anymore. Mason is no exception. He is observant and opinionated like his mother (and grandmother). We were discussing how grown up he is and how he has discovered Santa. She asked him and his little brother to tell her what they wanted Santa to bring them, and sat down to write a letter for them. Mason grabbed a pad of paper and a pen, and proceeded to ask mama what she wanted so he could write to Santa too. An "awww" moment in a Gigi's life that keeps me going and makes me smile. Here is the content of another IM that made me smile (pardon me for sharing this, Kristi, with the cyber world without discussing it with you first)

"i was getting ready for work Wednesday and had a skirt on. He turned around from watching his Spiderman cartoon and eyes-wide said "Mama you look SO pretty. You look so PRETTY, Mama!" :) And then he ruined it by looking at my heels and saying "I have shoes like those, too!" hee hee"

Seriously, does it get any better than that? I don't think so. God love you, little Mason. You make me laugh out loud. And God love you too Kristi, for sharing with me.