November 18, 2010

Too soon? nahhhh

It's November 18 and my house has been decorated for Christmas since November 3rd. Some people laugh at that but since I am never home for Thanksgiving, I kind of skip over it and jump right into Christmas. We go to NC to visit my best friend Terri and her husband John and sometimes it's actually snowing there on our visit. A bizarre concept to a native Floridian who is used to sweating not only on Thanksgiving day but also on Christmas day and New Years day and pretty much every holiday that comes to mind. Last year I completely changed my ornaments after collecting them for over 30 years. I had an eclectic collection but was inspired to go with glass ornaments that are all red and white and some silver. It is so beautiful and makes me smile when I come into the living room. I love this time of year. The magic of family gatherings and all the hustle bustle, and somehow the world seems a little kinder and gentler. I hope you enjoy the holidays too. Merry Christmas.