July 08, 2013

Liar, liar, pants on fire.

I posted two years ago that Jan and I were through with bottle snowmen. I lied like a rug. We thought we were, then we caught our breath and got inspired to keep going. I don't know how many we have made over the years, but it is at least 600. OMG, six hundred! (thank you Sue Pelletier for your original inspiration) We have this year's batch ready for our fall show in October and are considering a second show in November if we can score a good venue. We honestly have a huge following, and people come looking for our booth at the show we do in October. True validation. And much appreciated.

My house is covered in glitter, and crates of finished snowmen line my guestroom walls. I can't even begin to tell you how much fun we have making them all. Each and every one is a creation of love from the first step of picking out a bottle, to the end step of glittering them all.

Our early techniques were much more crude, and scattered. We made a lot of "themed" snowmen... anything from University colors, to beach themed, nautical, patriotic, and everything in between. They were all very well received, but I think the theme-style wore us out. We've settled into making adorable, sweet faced regular snowmen (and women). Here are some in the "drying" stage. After we have completed assembling each one, they go onto my kitchen shelf unit for about 3 days of drying time. It takes that long for their clay heads to dry. Next will come gluing all the parts in place with a strong adhesive, followed by a blushed cheek, then glitter.

How lucky am I to get to see all these smiling faces pretty much year round! Here are some after getting their glitz on.

 This one is made from a crystal salt shaker and has a top hat made from a VW knob that has been glued to a large black button. He has a neck full of jingle bells and a satin ribbon that catches more sparkle from the glitter.

So cute! We make handmade tags for each one and include their name. Yes, of course... we name each one. I like to use old fashioned names like Walter or Sarah. Sometimes, a customer will pick one up and say "OMG, my grandmother's name was Sarah. I'm getting this one." Makes us smile.

 Here's a partial look at this year's bunch, all gathered up and having a snowman conference on my dining room table.

Here is another group, waiting to be tagged and stored away. Notice the billiard ball bodies on some of them. Jan's idea! She is best at thinking outside the box.

We've also added some tiny ones that can be used on a Christmas tree like an ornament. They fit in the palm of a hand and are also adorable.

 Here is a grouping of them hanging from one of my display pieces. They are too sweet.

... and a close up view of that face.

Yup, it's Christmas in July at my house. And April, May, June, August, September, October, and November.

Ho Ho Ho!