December 14, 2010

Dear Santa, I've been a good boy.

Last night we went straight from daycare to the mall to see Santa. Oh my! What a wonderful night for Gigi and Papa. We discovered that it was pet night with Santa, so the line was already long with people and their pets waiting to see him. My boys both love animals, so it was a welcome distraction and made our wait pleasant. Braydon discovered that dogs have peepee's too and announced that to one of the ladies holding her male dachsund. She and I giggled. Mason told Santa he wanted him to bring Gigi a new ring (that's my boy) and asked for a "Thpider Man" toy for himself. On our way home, we drove through neighborhoods looking for Christmas lights which immediately became a contest on who had the most on their side of the car. Hmmm, I seem to remember the same contest between their mama and her brother when they were small. Some things never change. Merry Christmas to all of my sweet family and friends!